What is a foreplay that women can do?

What is a foreplay that women can do?

Foreplay is a the entire for a sex especially for the women. A foreplay is the key of better sexual inter course. Foreplay includes kissing, touching, caressing, massaging, licking, spanking, rubbing, humping, etc. Everything that can help you and your partner to activate the sensitive in the nerve for the sexual arousal.

Foreplay can be emotional or physical that effect the emotionally and physically intimate acts between the both partner. A better foreplay stimulate the both partners' sexuality, increase the emotional intimacy and enhance the level of confidence and trust between the partner's life.

If you area women, want to know about the foreplay that you can use on your men partner, then you can try licking, sucking, kissing, or blowjob, handjob, assjob, etc for the sensual playing with the partner. Begin your erotic though on the partner to make them feel erotic too for the healthy sexual relationship between both of you. Make sure be potential, be in mood, be comfortable while foreplay with men.

Types of Foreplay

Types of Foreplay

Foreplay is what your sexual desire. Make all your sexual wants and thoughts in real with the partner. Here are basic foreplay techniques that are basically used:

Breast or Nipple stimulation:

Breasts and Nipples are most sensitive parts in women and men. When you are preparing for the sex, the breast stimulation help you to set the mood. Men also love to begin with the titjob. Touch, lick, kiss partner's breasts and nipples to make him/her sexual arouse.

Kissing the Ear:

Ear also one of arousal parts in human. Women and men feel strong sensation around the ears. Caressing partner's ears and end up with a good kissing sessions. Tell him/her a naughty thoughts and your wants in her ear in the grasp voice for sexual arousal.

Neck Area:

All we known, neck area is sensual parts. If you include neck area in foreplay, it can be helpful for you. Kissing and licking on the neck area. Make your partner comfortable by caressing their neck on the most sensual way.

Clitoris stimulation in women:

Clitoris stimulation make women activate for the sexual intercourse. The correct stimulation and masturbation is part of foreplay. Women enjoy the licking, kissing, caressing, sucking on the clitoris.

Depending on the technique it is more exciting foreplay

Depending on the technique it is more exciting foreplay

Many people wasted their time with the wrong foreplay technique. If you want a most effective foreplay and most effective sex orgasm, you required a best foreplay technique. The ways of foreplay and technique you used is as important as partner. The unsatisfied foreplay and sex leads to frustration between the partner.

Here are some of best technique that help you for the most exciting foreplay.

Great Warm-up:

Make women feel warm, you can start with massaging the legs, hands, neck massage, etc to make them comfortable and get ready for the next foreplay act.

Boost foreplay act:

Regular foreplay act can be boring. Boost up your regular foreplay act regularly. Try new ways and to keep the foreplay longer.

Ask want she/he want:

Foreplay is al abut you both. Do not go with your wants only, let know the partner wants. What they want, what make them feel sexual?, etc